Master of the Mountain

Master of the Mountain - Cherise Sinclair the other day i DNF another BDSM book that gave me a headache on page 10 or so. i was a little desperate to find something else to get the taste of that book out of my mouth. Cherise Sinclair had been recommended by several people so i figured now was the time.i hate reading about jerk Doms who use their jerkiness to dominate. its not cute. i really liked Logan. his character is sweet and macho, but he treats Rebecca with respect in and out of the bedroom. i also like that Rebecca is plus-sized/full figured and insecure for reasons that make sense. the sexy times are hot and Sinclair stresses the importance of trust and safety when entering these types of relationships. if the plot was a little meatier i would have give it 5 stars.this is also a poorly written review, but im catching a cold so whatever. :)