Waking Up Married

Waking Up Married - Mira Lyn Kelly short: this should have been called "You In Danger, Girl".long: i was totally in the mood for something light and a little cheesy and fun. i love cheesy rom coms. something with a title like Waking Up Married is usually right up my alley. I THOUGHT! this story would go something like this:woman wakes up married to a guy she met in vegas. they know they need to break up.he woooooooos her.it's super corny.it's super cute.there's a montage.they realize they are meant to be together.they kiss.the end.THAT DIDN'T HAPPEN.in a nutshell, they get married. Megan wants to break it off because who wouldn't after marrying a stranger after being black out drunk, but oh no. Connor is not having that. he spends the entire book trying to force her to stay with him because they both want a family. and because he think she's hot. i understand the idea of a marriage of convenience, but to be honest Connor was just scary. every time he opened his mouth he said something manipulative and controlling. Megan who is super independent and smart and seriously doesnt need this dude AT ALL, fights him every time, but then caves seconds later for no reason other than the fact that he was hot? or had money and sperm she didn't need? he deliberately goes against her wishes more than once. he refuses to agree to very simple requests and then he goes nuts when she disobeys him. i am over emotionally abusive heroes. for reals.my other issue as with the writing itself. each scene seemed to be wordy with very little action. Connor thinks the same things over and over. also describing him as being "traditionally" handsome with traditional good looks rubbed me irky. as did the whole page where Megan reasons that he must be gay, because there's no way a man that attractive would want to be with her to have a baby. in 2013, hot, white, rich gay men have very little trouble acquiring babies. sorry. i really wanted to love this this book, but i found myself gritting my teeth and shaking my fist in the air all the way to the end.