Beautiful Bastard

Beautiful Bastard - Christina Lauren let me lay out a few things. 1) i love fanfiction. i love twilight fanfiction. i used to read it and write it. 2) i am anti pull-to-publish and have been since before 50 Shades happened. feel free to ask me about my deeper feelings on the subject. 3) this review will be an objective review of the work and not some asshole-bitchfest about the authors cause that's just pointless. i read books by JR Ward and Diana Gabaldon religiously and i do not see eye to eye with either of them on a shitload of things. see: Diana Gabaldon's rage post on fanfiction even being a thing and JR Ward's misunderstanding of the word "Moor" and race in let me say WHY i read this since i am against pulling to publish. i read it for science. that's right, for science. ill explain. as fanficitons, i read The Office, most of JP Barnaby's fics (im in one of hers) and The Submissive. i didnt read MotU or 50 Shades because im not into BDSM as abuse. its not cute. i read all of these fics because they were about Bella and Edward (or Bella and Edward and Jasper) having sex and i wanted to read about Bella and Edward having sex. that's it. i might read the published version of The Submissive, i havent decided yet, but let me get to the science portion. fanfiction, like this one, is posted and written, chapter by chapter with massive reader feedback. beyond a few beta readers, that's not how a book is written. it's just not. so FOR SCIENCE, i wanted to see how Christina and Lauren turned this into a smooth erotic romance.Here are my findings:- there was no actual plot. ive read a lot of erotica and i think this is the most sex ive read in a single book. MAYBE Anne Rice's Sleeping Beauty Books have the same amount. seriously, there is so much sex in this book. i hated the panty ripping in the fic and i hated it here, but that and some unrealistic dialogue aside, the sex was good.- portions of the beginning of the fanfic were gone, im guessing because the original co-author Kyla### wasn't a part of this book or it was trimmed down for word count/plot reasons. those portions, from what i remember, explained why Bella hated Edward in a way that made the hate fucking seem kind of reasonable and even a little funny. i say kind of because on no planet will you ever get me to cosign fucking your boss, let alone in your place of employment over and over. that lack of humor and sexual tension made the first sex scene look like something right out of a sexual harassment seminar, the DONT portion. Bennett is an actual dick. i was shocked by the way he talked to her in the first chapter. being good looking makes this okay. i guess. again there was no build or explanation.- why doesn't Bennett have a secretary? i've never met an intern in my life who replaced a secretary. actually there are a lot little things that ignore how a corporate office works including when the cleaning staff comes in.- Bennett fucks Miss. Mills in a white dress. he comes inside of her. he takes her underwear. she never cleans her crotch up and goes back to work. ill let you think about that. i know i did.- i'm calling her Miss Mills because at this point in the book i had forgotten her first name and in my head im actually calling her Bella.- i am reminded how important the white dress was in the fanfiction, but at this point in the book i had no idea what Miss Mills looked like. I just knew that she wore her hair down to work that day.- Condoms? what are those?- reading this chapter by chapter over some weeks is different than reading it in one sitting.- Miss Mills (im eventually reminded that her name is Chloe) seems to be okay with being called a bitch and a shrew, but has issue with less hostile references.- the phrase "Beautiful Bastard" is used a lot.- neither character has a distinct voice. most chapters i had to read to the second or third paragraph to figure out whose POV i was in. they are both funny and quick witted, but i couldn't tell them apart by their dialogue or their actions because everything, but the sex is summarized. - the conflict that arises at the end was annoying. Chloe seems to forget suddenly that she is just, in fact an intern, that Bennett is her boss and that no one else in the world of marketing cares about her feelings or their relationship.- end of the book i have no idea what Chloe looks like. I think she has brown hair. but i know every single thing she has ever worn to work. Bennett has hazel eyes and WILD hair and a big dick.taking all of this in, i cannot rate a review without comparing it to the fic. its impossible. had i just picked this up i would have DNF'd after the first sex scene or read through to the end and given it 1 star. there is no plot. but keeping the fic in mind and the fact that id already read a good portion of this story before, ill give the fic part of it 3 stars for an overall 2 star rating. i wont be reading the next book in the series, but i might check out their third book if its unrelated to these characters. weeeeeeeeee!***EDIT -- after some consideration, ive bumped this down to a 1 star based purely on the book. though i did like the fic for the most part, that was the fic and at the time it was written i gave Christina my positive feed back. my opinion of the fic stands as an "i liked it", however the book to me was not good.****I borrowed this book from a friend as I did not feel right paying for something that I had read 90% of for free**i read this for science*