The Wicked West

The Wicked West - Victoria Dahl Um this was wicked hot. Okay, for an actual review. This book was gifted to me by a super sweet friend. I owe her a kiss on the mouth or something. This novella was extremely well done. Sheriff Hale is a good man who cares about the people of his small Western town. His sexually sadistic side drove his wife away and left to him to his hand and the kindness of whores within horse riding distance. Enter the Widow Lily Anders. She a proper English woman who has a taste for punishment. Hale and Lily are great together. They are respectful to one another as neighbors and completely wild in bed. Or in the parlor. Or in the kitchen. Even though this one is short, there's actually a Western plot. Someone's stealing cattle from local ranchers and Hale is on the case. Quick and hot, The Wicked West started and ends with a bang just the way I like it. :)