Take What You Want

Take What You Want - Jeanette Grey This story was totally sweet and totally adorable. Determined to turn her spring break and herself around, college senior Ellen Price spruces up her look and sets out for a sexual conquest. LOVE ENSUES!Ellen was shy and nerdy, but thank god she was the one driving the story and the actions. She didn't wait for Josh to make all the moves or rely on him for her own sense of self-worth. Her growth came from within.Josh was sweet and sexy and smart. His issues with his parents and his future were very easy to relate to and the amount of angst he struggled with was just right.My only gripes are that some of the dialogue was one note and I guess standard. (they refer to each other as the perfect man or woman, etc.) For 22 years olds, there was no slang, no colloquial speech at all. And the physical descriptions were also brief and standard, considering the amount of sex. They with both brunettes with perfect bodies, but other than Josh's glasses, I wouldn't be able to pick either of them out of crowd. Same with Josh's family. The interactions were mostly from his POV, so you get no description of them. I like to be able to SEE the characters. Another than that it was quite enjoyable. I will definitely check out more of Grey's work.