Thin Ice - an Xcite Books collection of erotic short stories

Thin Ice - an Xcite Books collection of erotic short stories - Brighton Walsh;Elizabeth Coldwell;Lynn Lake;Zombie Ferguson;Maria Lloyd i have to say the cover and the title of this bad boy are crazy misleading. i thought this was going to be a collection of shorts about women banging hockey players. NOPE. well the first story was. anywhoodle.i gave:Thin Ice by Brighton Walsh 5 stars for a well done, complete short with a realistic build up and hot sexy times... with a hockey player.Stand 69 by Elizabeth Coldwell 2 stars for kinda of bizarre sex in a bizarre public place with a bizarre build up. Client Visit by Lynn Lake 2 stars for unrealistic f/f sex that jumped the shark just to get two women humping and language that suggested it was an story written specifically for the male fantasy of lesbian sex. also my least favorite kind of office sex. Picture of Lily by Zombie Ferguson for publishing under Zombie Ferguson. jk, the story was really hot. included office sex that was more believable and not sexual harassy.The Closet by Maria Lloyd 5 stars for super hot BDSM action with a Dom who was rich, but not crazy. thank god.i would definitely read more by Brighton Walsh, Zombie Ferguson and Maria Lloyd.