FanGirl - Angel Lawson FanGirl was a totally fun read. I think this is a first for me when it comes to self-published books. I think. I can't remember reading any before this.*I loved the premise and the execution of the plot. I mean, as much time as I spend on the internet geeking out over vampires, multicolored teenaged ponies, and orphaned firebenders, this damn story was written for me. The writing flows smoothly and the dialogue is quick and funny. However, I never warmed to Ruby or Iris. Iris gets this story going through her actions and keeps it moving for the first third of the book. I was waiting for Ruby to emerge as her own hero, but the story ends with a group effort. Still, I'm interested to see what Lawson does with other characters. The woman has talent. Serial Summer, here I come.*This was only the second or third story I've read on the kindle app. Lawson adds funny footnotes that appear at the bottom of the page in the paperback version. On the kindle app they come at the end of the chapter. This didnt impact my rating at all, but just giving a heads up.