Make Me

Make Me - Charlotte Stein I need a shower. Not a cold one, though. I just felt dirty. This story is filthy. I write pretty filthy stuff and this shit was just filthy. And hot. It took a bit to get used to the POV. It's so deep, but also limited that you're really left wondering what the hell is going on with the other two dudes. It's all so deep and limiting that I kept forgetting the heroine's name because of course, she's not thinking of her own name all the time.This POV also had me feeling pretty skeeved out but Tyler and in fear for Brandon's mental health. The complexity of their relationship is sorted out eventually, but I don't know, maybe I'm thick. As I was reading I really couldn't get a sense if whether Tyler was just a Dom who was excellent at mind games or an actual jerk. Also Maisie, that's the heroine, is so unreliable, that you don't really get a sense of what the fuck is going on until chapter 3 or 4. The times when they aren't having sex or about to have sex are summarized in Maisie's head so you also miss out on moments of levity between the three. Again this adds to the weird feeling about Tyler and had me wondering if Brandon was gonna flip the fuck out at any given moment. You never hear anything that isn't foreplay from Tyler until the very end and Brandon always seems to be apologizing or begging or on the verge of crying and running away. Now I'm just rambling. This novella is good and very hot, but this is another that left me wondering if I was actually supposed to like the characters.