Sheltered - Charlotte Stein This is the kind of romance I've been wanting to read for a while, but didn't think it was out there. Really, I was not expecting to like this story so much. First off, the cover is crazy misleading. The main characters are 19 and 20 or so. The heroine is plump/plus-sized and yeah, 19.Anywho, I really enjoyed this story. Evie is 19, attending a religious college, and still living at home with her overly medicated mother and her physically and emotionally abusive father. As the blurb says, he runs her life. She's woefully out of touch with what other 19 year olds are up to. She eats the diet of a California inmate. She has to be home right after class and then on top of that her dad is prone to kicking her ass whenever the mood strikes. Books like this are pretty hard for me to read. See Ellen Hopkins' Burned that left me crying for a week and some change.Enter Van. I really liked Van. He's not the typical bad-boy from the other side of the tracks. He's just a nice, shy guy who realizes that he's met a nice, shy girl. Their relationship is actually really cute. Though there is a lot of "sex", it's more like baby steps from first base to home over the course of the book. I think it feels steamy because Stein does an excellent job of explaining how hot and bothered you can get during a make out session. I think their relationship progress naturally. It ended just the way I wanted it to. I'm giving it a solid 4.5.