Lover Reborn (Black Dagger Brotherhood Series #10)

Lover Reborn - J.R Ward this book has a gajillion rating so i know my opinion wont matter much.likes: i HATED Lover Unleashed. overall i did enjoy Lover Reborn.- Tohr and No'One work. No'One is a great character and Tohr definitely got a good woman out of this story.- The Brothers and Trez all make appearances and you're reminded why you love them in their own ways.- Tohr and JM are showcased as father and son again, which was nice.- Subplots for Layla, Xcor and Qhuinn (not all together) worked well.dislikes:there are a bunch of tiny little things that annoy me, like how quiet and empty the house is when people walk in the hall and there's a million fucking people living in that mansion. or how Nalla is never addressed. Babies draw attention. They just do.- the length. this book is nuts long and not love scenes and cuddling long. or even battling the Omega long. she could have trimmed Xcor's parts by 100 pages and we would have ended in the same place.- JM and Xhex's subplot is ridiculous. no spoilers, but it was ridiculous.- she introduced ANOTHER vampire, Assail, who seems like a watered down version of Rehv. he did nothing for me and i dont care what happens to him. if she runs with him, im guessing she'll have introduce another female or bring Selena back into the mix. Murhder should be dealt with before we get Assail's story which I hope she does. - Ward has said that her vampires have no race, but she keeps referring to Trex and iAm as Moors. im wondering if she knows what the word means.