Master of the Abyss

Master of the Abyss  - Cherise Sinclair I did not like this story. Beginning to end, I never got the impression that Kallie actually wanted to submit to Jake. Sinclair gave off the the impression that she really liked Jake and that she wanted to have sex with him so she submitted to his domly ways, reluctantly might I add, since that was the only way he would spend time with her. I wasn't it into.Jake complains that he only wants one night D/s situations, but continues to literally stalk Kallie all over their mountain town so he can screw her when his boner calls. Seriously, he shows up while she's camping with a family she's been paid to guide up a mountain, then proceeds to fuck her in the woods TWICE while she's on the clock. I'm all for humping in the woods, but WTF. He claims he's a bedroom Dom like fourteeth times, but every second he's near Kallie, IN PUBLIC, he keeps saying how he's her Dom and she's his sub. Kallie fights him on this every step of the way, but then suddenly gives in the moment Jake's dick gets hard. Not into it.AND ANOTHER THING! With her clothes. This made me hate Rebecca and Logan from the first book. Kallie dresses in what I would consider suitable trail attire, jeans and flannels. But Jake keeps giving her shit for not being more girlie. For what? SHE'S A TRAIL GUIDE! and then Rebecca jumps in and encourages this sexist shit. And with Logan calling Kallie sugar all the time. Blech. Not into it.The side plot of Kallie being stalked by a serial killer didn't really help Jake's case. Why? Cause Jake was acting just like the killer, just with different motivations. The climax of the story and that pages that followed really pissed me off. Kallie is almost murdered. She nearly sacrifices herself to keep her cousin alive and then Jake physically forces her to have a family talk with her cousins about her abandonment issues an hour after they walk down from the crime scene. He has the nerve to compare almost being murdered to a heavy scene with your dom. WHAT??? WHAT? WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT? Then when Kallie goes back to the scene of the crime, the next night, Jake makes her submit again! It's like dude, get out of your own ass for five minutes and let the woman deal. In the end, I liked Kallie. She was funny and spunky and I have no idea why Sinclair flipped this switch in her when she should have stuck to her spunk. Jake was an ass. I liked the murder plot as well, but Jake's whole steeze just sunk this one for me. Not into it.