The Chase (Fast Track Series)

The Chase - Erin McCarthy Edit: If you were just meh about this book, check out Speed Demons by Gun Brooke. It's a romance about a female driver staging a comeback to racing while suffering from PTSD after a really bad crash. I with this book had that much meat!--Likes: The sexing was hot. Way hot. Kendall and Evan do have great chemistry and the one liner jabs they share are hilarious. I love to read McCarthy's books because of the humor she brings. She did not disappoint.Dislikes: Other readers seemed to have beef with the end of this book. The end didn't bother me. Evan and Kendall did. Just hear me out. McCarthy usually writes very engaging female characters. I didn't get to know Kendall at all. She's blonde. She has GREAT boobs and she's a good race car driver, but so much of the novel is spent with her fighting against the sexiest aspects of racing that actually only pop up once, (the men in this book do not treat her like an outsider) and the real source of her insecurities, her family, doesn't pop up until the book is almost over. I think if we'd met Kendall's parents and sisters in the beginning, near the point where we find out when she dumped Evan in the first place, her angst and the twist at the end would have made perfect sense.Instead, everything is fine, they fuck A LOT and then it's a "Fast Ride" to angsty town. I do agree with some readers that the end felt a little rushed, but it doesn't sink the story. Evan though a very, nice, funny guy was also a little flat.Another thing I wasn't keen on was just how much sex they had, which is weird since I love reading some good boning. You really didn't get to know them as people. It seems like since they've known each other for 10 years, McCarthy didn't bother catching us up on their personalities or lives. We just see them trying not to fuck and then fucking.Book 2 of the series is still my favorite, but on whole these were the least developed characters. It's quick, fun read, just not my favorite.