Pirate's Love

A Pirate's Love - Johanna Lindsey This book should be called A Dread Pirate Raperson from Rapeytown's Rapey Love... As He's Raping you. This is what happens: a girl gets kidnapped by a pirate. He rapes her for 300 pages. They get married. The end.Bettina...I wasn't wild about your name there, sweets. Bettina, Godblesser, tries to escape 75 times. She is thoroughly pissed for most of the book. Why? Because Rapey McRaperson WOULD NOT STOP RAPING HER. I wish I was joking. I'm not. Then every single woman in her life is like WHATS THE BIG DEAL? HES CUTE. HE TREATS YOU NICE. Bettina's reaction was perfect. - HE KEEPS RAPING ME!Seriously though, 90% of this book is her being raped or talking about being raped. In first third of the book I'm sure it says "rape" 40 times. The last third of the book was actually kind of funny because of the mishaps and conversations that are had. I cackled a few times, but really the bulk of this book is about her being raped and a lot of talk trying to justify her rapes. And then she marries her rapist and it's all good.Lindsey, woman. Ya Crazy! But I laughed a bunch of times so I'm not too mad at you. FYI - I had to force myself to take a lighthearted approach to this book, cause serious;y there's a whole bunch of justifying rape in this bitch.