Trusting Tomorrow

Trusting Tomorrow - P.J. Trebelhorn I just read two really porny erotica novellas so my brain was a little scrambled in terms of what a standard romance should look like and then BAM, I tried out this little number and it was perfect.This book pretty much has every I want in a romance. Both heroines were likable. The supporting characters all functioned well and I wanted to know more about them. It's good if readers care about everyone in the book. Logan and Brooke's hesitations for getting into a relationship made sense. I can't imagine that dating as an undertaker is easy. People naturally avoid her profession, so she's developed a habit of keeping women at arm's length. And Brooke went through a really bad break up. Of course they would be apprehensive about jumping into something serious.My favorite part was the actual pacing of the relationship building. It was realistic. I think often in romance, and even I've been guilty of this in my own writing, the characters almost get together too quickly. This story accurately portrayed the stops and starts that I think are natural to the way people actually end up together. Maybe you kiss once and it's super awkward. Work and family stuff get in the way. You're nervous or scared. Or in this book, all of the above and people die. The only reason I didn't give this a full five stars because it has a bit of that characters-having-issues-that-could-have-been-solved-with-one-conversation conflict going on. Other than that, this story was kinda of just what the Doctor ordered type romance. I think if you enjoy a good, simple romance, you will really like this one. And I mean simple in a good way.