Maid for It

Maid for It - Lucy Rodgers this novella was so strange. for every thing that worked there were two things that didn't work. the set up pulled me in. normal woman pulled into the submissive sex trade to save her own life. cool. bring on the story. and then the story falls crazy flat. the sex is way hot, but the main character just left me scratching my head which was a huge problem because its written in first person and you only get her POV. there is a nice level of submission, but the sex acts themselves are very tame. just regular intercourse and blow jobs. Ben has a dungeon and then use it exactly once. things that should have been examined deeper are dropped into the text as an after thought. *SPOILER* Gabi, a god fearing Catholic woman, ditches her crucifix for Ben's collar, claiming she can only serve one God. uh okay. *END SPOILER*Gabi is an English professor who apparently had a life before this story begins, but she acts like she's been living in a cave her whole life. she claims she doesn't know the name of a particular pasta because she's so unfamiliar with Italian food and then in the next sentence she recognizes that the tortellini has been cooked perfectly "al dente". she claims she can't think of English phrases for somethings, but says "knickers" instead of "chonies" when talking about her thong. i didnt get her at all. Ben is a perfectly fine hero. Nice guy, not a dickhead Dom at all. however, his characters isn't developed as much as i would have the end this is a novella that should have been a full length story, but isn't. if you're looking for some hot sex strung together, go for, but the plot and voice are pretty off.