The Superheroes Union: Dynama

The Superheroes Union: Dynama (The Superheroes Union #1) - Ruth Diaz The premise of this book deserves 6 stars. I felt like I was reading a cool continuation to The Incredibles which is one of my favorite movies ever.In a world where superheroes are very real and very busy with their personal lives, TJ is trying to get by as a super raising young twins. I LOVE the ides of a superhero, single mom. It's made the more kick ass that she's Latina. However, I had two issues with this novella.1) Annamarie. The plot of trying to keep your evil ex husband from snatching your kids was enough all on it's own. The romance with Annamarie just wasn't working for me. Their relationship felt very rushed. I felt like they hooked up because they were supposed to, not because they actually liked each other.As the feelings warm, I still felt like Annamarie was not prioritizing the mortal threat with getting TJ naked. Or maybe TJ wasn't prioritizing. I was attached to TJ and her kids. Not to Annamarie.2) The editing. There were sentences I had to reread more than once, all over the place. There were also instances of head hoping that confused the heck out of me. One moment I'm in TJ's head and the next I'm in Annamarie's. Those issues aside, I loved that action and the characters. Diaz has a brilliant imagination. Brilliant. I'm looking forward to the next installment.