Bared to You (Crossfire Trilogy Series #1)

Bared to You - Sylvia Day short: this should have been called "GIRL! YOU ARE IN MUTHAFUCKIN DANGER! TAKE YOUR BI ROOMMATE AND RUN!"or better yet.UNAAACCEEEEEEPPTAABBLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLE!!!!long: i am DONE reading books for science for a long time. A LONG FUCKING TIME. i wasn't going to read this because everyone was linking it to 50 Shades. i bought the book because Sylvia was coming to speak to our romance writers' group and FOR SCIENCE, i figured i should have some idea of her work before i leaned in close to hear her words of wisdom. she was freaking fabulous. her talk was great. i talked to her one and one and she was very encouraging. she joined a bunch of us for lunch. she's funny and all around lovely. and despite wanting to kill myself during and after this book i still love her to bits.that said...WHAT IN THE FUCK DID I JUST READ!?!?!?!?!?!?!? This entire book was a trigger for me. Sexual Harassment in the work place? CHECK. Gross Mismanagement by Friends and Loved Ones of a Sexual Abuse Survivor? Check. Being Stalked? CHEEEEEECK! i've said this once and i'll say it again. Gideon Cross is the kind of man who murders women and keeps their toes as trophies. i need someone to explain to me, slowly, how being hot and rich excuses psychotic, stalkerish, harassing, abusive behavior and how that behavior is attractive? PLEASE TELL ME. i was stalked by a hot guy in college. physically he was everything i wanted and he was fucking crazy and interacting with him was scary and i am so glad he never hurt me or any of my friends because he was crazy. Gideon Cross reminded me of that guy. could not get into it.AND ANOTHER THING!im back with this FUCKING IN THE WORK PLACE BULLSHIT!!!! i can never be okay with this. almost DNF'd this moment he opened his mouth after their first business meeting. everything he said to her in the Crossfire building made my skin crawl. it made Eva's skin crawl too, but somehow, SOMEHOW he won her over.i am all for people who have been through tough shit finding each other and helping each other even when times get rough. i am not for sex as a cure for all. i am not for a man who wants to control everything from your cellphone carrier to what you wear to workout to where you go to cry. NOPE NOPEITY NOPE NOPE!Gideon does something completely psycho and out of line. Eva calls him on it. they fight about. they fuck. everything is happy. rinse. repeat. for 335 pages. Gideon's behavior nearly made me physically ill at least 5 times in the book. i had to put it down. im not kidding. i finished because i adore Day's writing style. it sucks you in. the characters, all but Gideon, are different and intriguing. i wanted to know what would happen to them. and i was dying to know how Day was going to redeem this nut bag. it doesn't happen. he is pyscho right up to the very end. i mean, it pretty much ends on a cliffy.i am done with Gideon Cross. i might check out some of Day's paranormal stuff, but this book has me looking 8 kinds of sideways contemporary romance in general. keep your abusive dick bags. ill stick to my vampires and werewolves and black cowboys from the 1860's. i am done with the billionaire Dom. DOOOOOOONE!