Master Class - Cassandra Carr I'm torn between a rage review and no review at all, so ill just pros and cons this one. As i was reading I went from DNF to 3 stars to 2.Pros: if you're not familiar with BDSM, this story gives a clean play by play introduction. Nothing crazy or abusive happens in the BDSM scenes.- The sex for the most part is hot.Cons: Ryan and Lisette. I didn't care about either of them. The emotion in the blurb does not carry over to the story itself. - Some of the sex scenes were summarized and could have been skipped all together. I want to be drawn into a sex scene, but here you're told very plainly each sex act that is going down, sometimes by name. I want to read a 69, not just told they are 69ing.- Ryan pulls a major jerk move toward the end that totally pulled me out of the story. This is what bumped it down to a 2.