A Firm Husband - Sue Lyndon This one wasn't for me. The scenes and character development were unbalanced and there was a great deal of telling and not showing. One moment there's a detailed spanking/sex scene and then a brief summary of a day or three. You get a description of Clara and William's hair and eye color, but everyone else is a human blank. I completely confused two male characters for a good six pages and had to go back to unscramble who was who. Also as a BDSM spanking story, I was expecting a little balance in Clara's character. Something that indicated that she was a grown woman submitting, but she read like a fourteen year old that ran away from home. Nothing happens (her cooking or doing anything remotely responsible) that gives you the idea that she is an adult. You find out that she's twenty-two eventually, but I honestly felt like I was reading about a teenage being punished by a much older man. The age regression aspect would have been fine, again, if there had been a scene where Clara acted like an adult but there isn't. I kept thinking of that scene from the remake of True Grit where Matt Damon is spanking Hailee Steinfeld.