Speed Demons - Gun Brooke I'm giving this a 4.5 only because I was hoping for like a 19 car pile up at the end and that didn't happen. HERE'S WHAT YA DO GET!Two well developed characters who come together and stay together under reasonable circumstances. This story centers around both characters dealing with PTSD; Evie from her crash and Blythe from being a war photographer in the Middle East. Brooke does a great job of showing just how shitty PTSD can be without weighing down the story. She also does a great job of show how finding relief from PTSD comes from interesting places.The sexing in this book is hot. And I mean HOT. It's not over the top and it flows well with the character development and the plot. I also liked that Evie and Blythe are playful with each other even though they are both dealing with heavy emotional shit. Overall, a great read with a little bit of everything. Side note: if you've read Erin McCarthy's Fast Track series, I think you will love this book.