Erotica Exotica: Tales of Sex, Magic, and the Supernatural - Richard Labonté, Nathan Burgoine, David Holly, Lloyd A. Meeker, Eric Arvin, Davem Verne, Johnny Murdoc, Dale Chase, Jeff Mann, Anthony McDonald, Jonathan Asche, Mark Wildur, Evan Gilbert, Jamie Freeman, Gregory L. Norris Usually I pick my way through collections. Not this one. I started this on a flight back from North Carolina and blasted through to the end during the rest of my free time over the next week. Never has short erotica made me cry. Three. THREE stories in this collections made me cry and a handful made me laugh. Only one story rubbed me the wrong way because I felt it was a tad racially insensitive, but what can you do. I'm a sensitive gal. I can't wait to dig up more shorts and full length pieces from the authors. A big Bekah thumbs up :)