Split - Mel Bossa I've been reading a lot lately and a bunch of those books I've really enjoyed. However I'm in the middle of writing a book at the moment and every word I write that isn't part of that manuscript makes me feel like a cheating whore. So I slap my 3, 4 or 5 stars on the most recent book I've completed and find something else to read before bed or while I should be paying attention in traffic. I had to write a review for this. I started Split last night at 8pm and I finished it this morning at 3:30. There are books that I have loved and there are books that have changed me. The first book that changed me was Wally Lamb's She's Come Undone (That book is no joke on the scale of 1 to i need therapy). The second was Suzanne Collins's Catching Fire. Split changed me last night. Made me email my mother at 2:30 in the morning changed me. I read the ebook and I'm going to buy the paperback just to keep. The story opens with Derek as an adult, who has lost control of his life in that upper class way. He's engaged to a gorgeous, wealthy guy who he doesn't love, but doesn't have the courage to walk away from. Upon inspection of their new love nest, his aunt gives him his childhood journal, which is just way more than a freaking journal. As an 11 year old, Derek documented a year of his life in a series of letters to his stillborn baby brother, who he calls Bump. Through these letters you get to know a heart breaking, honest young boy who is battling with his tortured family life and his unrequited feelings for the rebellious 16 year old boy, Nick, who lives next door. The narrative alternates between the tales of Derek as a child and the months before and after his engagement to his current lover. I wouldn't call this a romance. I would call it a raw analysis on just how F-ed the world can be for a kid. Bossa does an amazing job of capturing the past through a kid's eyes and capturing our modern world through the eyes of this generation's lost twenty and thirty somethings. You become a part of Derek. You fall in love with Nick's family, The Lunds. I didn't cry as I read this book. I sobbed to the point where I had to blow my nose. This is something I would recommend to anyone who was ever a kid, period, because I think everyone can relate to Derek.