Once Burned - Dee Carney *Perfect if you like the Food Network. And sex.*grrr i hate novellas. why? because when i like them i always want them to be longer, gosh darnit! i really liked this story. the only thing that kept me from giving it a full 5 stars was a short "this could be solved with communication" moment. but it is short, i swear. Pepper and Priest are teenage friends who couldn't make the step to lovers because Priest is a dummy when it comes to the people around him. Years later, still friends and now rivals in the food truck business, Pepper and Priest still have the hots for each other.Priest came off the page as bona fide hottie. i love men with tats. though he fucked up in the past i think Carney did a good job in making his change in personality and his claims of love for Pepper seem sincere. Pepper holds her ground just long enough so you don't want to stab her. at the end, I WANTED MORE! Sweet and short, this story also made me really hungry.