Funny and Sexy Western

The Bounty - Beth Williamson

I'll probably review this for Love In The Margins as well because there are some thing I want to talk about. I love Westerns mostly because I like reading about hardworking heroines and heroes and Westerns usually have a lot of farm and house work. I know I'm weird. One thing I hate about Westerns is that they often miss the fact that OOOOOPS Americans live on stolen land. and OOOOOOPS there were TONS of POC in the West. Tons. Asians, Blacks, Native Americans, etc., but yeah. I'll get into that in a bigger review.


Pros: Tyler and Nikki were a great couple. They were equally balanced in strength and humor. How the ended up together was exactly how I wanted them to end up together.


-The action. I love some good bar brawls.


- The sex. The sex was streamy.


Cons: The sex. There were too many sex scenes. I would have either combined a few and made them longer or just cut them and added more emotional tension. Steamy looks. A pond bath.


- Hermano. There's a character named Hermano. like that's his first name.


This book wasn't awesome, but I enjoyed and I will probably try the next book in the series.